Fads and Trends

Alex, Jarvis, Sarah, and Tanju

Fads and trends of the 2000's

From doge to the dress the 2000's had a lot of new trends due to the internet.
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There are so many new fads and trends in the 2000's. There are lots and lots of new trends and fads that people love. People all over the world are following these trends.
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Some new trends in the toy sections are rainbow loom, silly bands, fur-bees, shopkins, webkins, etc.
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Some food trends skittles, cakes/cupcakes, tapas, push pops, Hershey cookie&cream, etc.
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Some gaming trends are Minecraft, Grand theft auto 1;2;3;4;5, Five Nights At Freddy's 1;2;3;4, splattoon, roblox, dumb ways to die, candy crush, club penguin, etc.
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Dance Moves

Some trendy dance moves are whip/nae-nae, Hit the Quan, dab, drop, stanky leg, dougee, etc.
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Viral videos

The internet brought a lot new trends including the viral video. The viral video is a video that gets a lot of fame because it is either funny, random or stupid in some way.