Your Morning Cup Of X-Rays

the journey of x-rays by Allison Barnett

the X-Ray started by accident... What you say?

Yes the x-ray started by accident in 1895. On the 14th of November Rontgen did his first image of his wife's hand. The 11th of Jan. 1896, the x ray was first used in surgery by Major John Hall-Edwards

The timeline continues.... what happens next

January 1st 1904, Clarence Madison Dally dies of cancer and the doctors used the x rays in the surgery. Also on January 1st, 1908 Major John Hall Edwards develops cancer. The x ray told that John had cancer.

The future of X ray Machines is endless

If you have any problems...

If you have any problems or questions with understanding the x ray machine history please contact: Allison Barnett she looks like this ( please look at the picture ).

Or you can contact Röntgen about the creation of the x ray machine

Ha Ha ur probably saying but you could through research.