Punnett Square

By: Noah Bakshis

This is a punnet Square for Cheetah's

S is for Spots.------------------------------S=Alot.-------s=Little.

T is for Tail.--------------------------------T=Long.------t=Short.

A is for Length.----------------------------A=Long.-----a=Short.

I is for Eyes.--------------------------------I=Black.------i=Blue.-----------Ii=Eye of the tiger.

R is for Height.-----------------------------R= Tall.------r=Short.

The Dad is on the top.

The Mom is on the side.

Punnett Square 1.

The Dad has a Complete Dominant Spot trait.

The Mom has a incomplete dominant trait.

Punnett Square 2.

The Dad has a incomplete Dominant Tail trait.

The Mom has a Complete dominant Tail trait.

Punnett Square 3.

The Dad has a Dominant Length trait.

The Mom has a heterozygous Length trait.

Punnet Square 4.

The Dad has a homozygous Dominant Eye trait.

The Mom has a homozygous Recessive Eye trait.

Punnet Square 5.

The Dad and Mom have a Complete dominant Height trait.