And cool air is on the way for MEB thanks to facilities!

Incoming UH medical students receive white coats

It seems like only yesterday when the MD Class of 2016 was welcomed to JABSOM...

They got their White Coats at in a ceremony at Kaimuki High School. They became the first "all-iPad" medical students at the University of Hawai'i as the curriculum went digital.
Nearing the MATCH!

Now they're living #MDforLife and will open their Match Envelopes around 0630 March 18!

64 members of the class...40 women, 24 men, learn where they will begin their MD careers as Residents in training. The Class of 2016 has all sorts of activities planned for the Medical Education Building lobby, the JABSOM Courtyard and more. We're excited for you, MS-4's!
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Facilities hasn't rested since the A/C shut down for the 'Ewa side of the Medical Education Building

Now, new parts are on Island and this COULD be the day the coolness returns! Mahalo, Ed Ohlson and Team! Best of Luck!!!
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On March 12, JABSOM was honored to host the most beautiful Ho'olewa for Dr. Kekuni Blaisdell. News report highlights are below.