Jayden Schamle

English 3

Hobbies and Activities

My hobbies outside of school consist of driving my dune buggy, playing basketball, and collecting shoes. In my free time, I sometimes go to the local YMCA and play basketball with some of my friends. During the school year, I participate in football and basketball. I have practice after school almost every single day for these two sports, so that eats up a lot of my time that I would normally spend doing one of my hobbies.


During my time in school, I have always attended school in the Buhler district. I started off at Union Valley Elementary School in kindergarten, and then, once I reached fourth grade I went to Prosperity Elementary School. From here, I attended Prairie Hills Middle School, and I am now a student at Buhler High School. After high school, I would like to attend Kansas University.

The University of Kansas

My Family

I live at home with my mom, Jody, and my dad, John. I have one older brother who is 28 and lives in Hutchinson. My mom has one brother named Tim who lives with his family in Wichita. My dad's brother, Doug, and sister, Kathy, both live in Hutchinson.

Health Concerns

I have very mild activity induced asthma. It is well controlled and I rarely have issues. I also have seasonal allergies from pollen and plants.

Contact Information

You can reach my mother's cell phone at (620) 899-7045, or my father's at (620) 664-6559.