4th grade NEWS

October 14, 2015

What are we learning about?

Writing: Students are learning that expository pieces of writing contain an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Students will begin an expository essay. They are also working to write complete sentences that include a subject and predicate. For grammar, students are leaning to use to, two, and too, their, there, and they’re and it’s, its correctly. Please help them watch their writing to use the correct words!

Reading: We are just starting a five week author study on Chris Van Allsburg. He wrote and illustrated books such as Jumanji and The Polar Express.

Math: Students are finishing Module 2 with lessons on elapsed time. Module 3 will focus on multiplication. Please continue to help your student practice their multiplication facts using flash cards, timed sheets found online, free online games, or apps!

Social Studies: Students are discussing different perspectives regarding Christopher Columbus. After this, they will be learning about the first people that lived in Texas.

Science: Students are studying the different Forms of Energy.

Show your school spirit with these upcoming DRESS UP DAYS:

10/16 Friday is PINK OUT day. Have your student wear pink for Breast Cancer Awareness!

Next week: Character Counts week!

10/19 Monday: Responsibility. Wear Green Today!

10/20 Tuesday: Citizenship. Wear Purple Today!

10/21 Wednesday: Fairness and Respect. Wear Orange or Yellow Today!

10/22 Thursday: Trustworthiness. Wear Blue Today!

10/23 Friday: Caring. Wear Red Today! (Red Ribbon Week Kick Off!)

Looking ahead: Red Ribbon & Bullying Prevention Week

10/26 We have a BRIGHT future! Wear Neon!

10/27 Put Bullying to REST! Wear Pajamas!

10/28 Don't get MIXED UP in drugs! Mismatched Clothes/Crazy Hair!

10/29 Join the FIGHT against bullying! Wear Camo!

10/30 Characters with GRIT! Wear Costumes!

Contact your child's teacher for more info