Technology Newsletter

February 2014

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Happy Digital Learning Day!

Anoka-Hennepin is celebrating Digital Learning Day Wednesday, Feb. 5 - it's a day that commemorates teachers and shines a spotlight on successful instructional technology practice in the classroom. We're among tens of thousands of educators and millions of students from around the country celebrating the power of technology in schools. To learn more about what Anoka-Hennepin is doing, click here.

Spotlights from Joel VerDuin:



  • Check out these examples of students at Lincoln Elementary, under the guidance of Amy Quinn, media specialist, using Chromebooks and laptops for their research projects. Click here


  • Dave Grider, technology education teacher at Anoka High School, is showing students all about shop safety through his YouTube channel.
  • Bill Underwood, Special Ed teaching and learning specialist, is using YouTube to share software updates for the program Student Plan.

Spelling Flipcharts

Flipcharts for the new spelling curriclum are now available through the Promethean Share website.

Microsoft @ Home

Recently, the district instituted changes in the way the Microsoft home licensing program is administered. In the past, employees purchased a CD containing the program and installed it on their machine for home access once a year. Now the process has changed to a download model. Purchases can now be made 24, 7, 365 through the download fulfillment site at:

For detailed instructions on how to purchase the software visit: The sign off form is no longer required and if you have purchased in the past you may do so again. Management of your digital keys is handled by the website and you must purchase using your Anoka-Hennepin email address. All staff are eligible for the download. The district does not support machines at home nor can they retrieve lost access keys. Please verify in advance that your machine can support the latest version of Microsoft for Mac or Windows before purchasing at:

New Computer Common Issues


Please be aware that OLPA was pushed back one day due to the cold weather.
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Just for fun - Superbowl Commercial

Microsoft 2014 Super Bowl Commercial: Empowering
Fun Fact: The music for this commercial was made out entirely of Windows PC computer sounds!