iOS Apps for Mobile Learning

For K-12 Students

Dictionary App

Big image app is a portable dictionary for students and allows them to lookup unknown words anywhere. This app is useful for students because it allows them to search new words or lookup a meaning they do not understand. This mobile app also allows students to lookup words faster then a dictionary book. With this app you can lookup a word like you would in a typical dictionary to get the meaning but this app makes the process more faster and efficient.

Evernote App

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Evernote is a great app that is used for organization and efficiency for K-12 students. It allows you to create notes, take pictures and a hand held agenda to write down events and deadlines. This mobile app is very useful because it can be used in many different ways for students of all ages. Since it acts as an agenda and notebook, students can use it to write down reminders as well as take notes during class lectures. This allows students to become more organized with their notes and subjects.

Slate Math App

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Slate math app allows students to develop their mathematical skills through interactive learning. It targets elementary grades and includes a variety of of activities for students to enhance their math skills. Activities range from easy to difficult, depending on the grade level. This is a great app for teachers to use in the classroom, especially for review.

Animoto App

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The Animoto app produces videos from photos, video clips, and music into video slideshows. This app is useful because it allows students to create project-based activities such as class presentations. It also allows students to post videos from anywhere, which is easily accessible and an efficient way to save videos and photos for projects.

Quizlet App

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Quizlet is an educational app, which focuses on providing effective study tools that students can use to help enhance their studying methods. This app can help students in all subjects by building online flashcards, matching games and practice quizzes. These tools are a great way for teachers to incorporate for review on tests, or to test students knowledge after a lesson.