T-Rex's RECAP!

Mrs. Rex's class recap of the past, present, and future.

Important Dates

  • Dec 10 Pajama Day
  • Dec 13 Classroom Holiday Party
  • Dec 13 Report Card Day
  • Dec . 23-Jan 4 Winter Break
  • Jan 6 Students return from Winter Break


Dear Parents,

I enjoyed getting to know those of you that attended yesterday's Fall Festivities held here on campus. I wanted to take this time to thank all of you for your participation and donations to make this 2013 Fall Festival a total success. We are almost half way through the school year. I could not be more impressed with the progress of all of my students this year, and I am looking forward to even greater progress.


Because I know how important your child's education is to you, I have provided you with a recap of what we have done today, and what we are going to be working on this week.

Today we began exploring the measuring world. I introduced concepts such as length and height, which are forms of measurement to calculate how long or tall something measures. We immediately began putting these concepts to work by using yarn to measure the length of our shoes and the height of our classmates. We used the heights taken to arrange ourselves from tallest to shortest.

Spelling: We are still using the base letters "at, an, am". The children are learning to sound out and read "at, an ,am" and adding letters in front of the base to form words such as: bat, can, and yam.

Social Studies: We studied elections, voting, and what it means to vote. We conducted a vote in class to see what class pet the children were interested in having. I made ballots with the pictures of a butterfly, hamster, or frog. The results are in! We will be having tadpoles in our class aquarium and watch them grow into frogs.

Science: Because of our class pet election, we have been learning about butterflies, frogs, and hamsters. We explored their life cycles/changes, and learned that these pets can be kept in our class aquarium. We reviewed different books and pictures of these animals to determine which animal would be best to have as our class pet.


I will be taking pictures of our new class pets (5 tadpoles) so you can see them in the next news letter. Please continue to ask you children questions about what they have learned so they can review their learning with you. I also want to encourage you to continue reading to your child every night possibly a small word book in which they might be able to participate and practice too. I appreciate all of your hard work at home and I am honored to be able to teach your child. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions, concerns, or would like to set up a conference time. Do not forget... daily posts and announcements can be found by visiting our class Edmodo.

Until fingertips and this keyboard meet again...

Mrs. Rex