Ring Of Fire:

Not Just A Song

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What is The Ring Of Fire?

Good question, me writing this poster in the past, what is the "Ring Of Fire"?

Well, the "Ring Of Fire" is an area in which a majority of the worlds volcanoes are found. The unusual thing about it is that they are all located around the edge of the Pacific Plate.

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The Pacific Plate

The pacific plate is an actual tectonic plate, and not just a child that can't speak properly yet trying to say "specific plate".

The Pacific Plate is a tectonic plate located under the Pacific Ocean.

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How are volcanoes formed?

Now we have to take a look at how volcanoes are formed.

Tectonic plates are inconstant slow motion. Sometimes they will move together, apart or one could even sink while the other rises above it.

When a tectonic plate sinks, it sinks into the mantle (upper layer of partially molten rock), and become very hot, causing it to melt. That molten rock will eventually make its way up to the surface of the earth, as layer upon layer of this hot molten rock, that we know as lava, builds up, a volcano is formed.

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How many volcanoes are there?

There are a total of about 450 volcanoes in the "Ring Of Fire".

It also contains approximately 75% of the world's active volcanoes.

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Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire