MHS Principal's Update

August 26, 2020

Dear MHS Parents and Students,

With the announcement of all traditional students returning to school full time this Monday, we have received questions that require additional clarification. It is important that all families have clear and concise information to aid in family planning and decision making as we continue to move through this school year.

If there ever were a time I would wish for a crystal ball, this year would be it. I think we all would feel better if we could have a peek at what school will look like in three weeks, three months, or for seniors – what Graduation and May might look like. The truth is we can only respond to the information we have at this moment in time and make the best decisions possible for the students we serve. I want to thank you for your patience as we continue to improve our processes in these very unique times.

Tonight I would like to share some updates that are specific to the high school and take into account the different schedule and requirements from our other district schools.

The first update addresses the number of times an instructional change may be requested. At the high school, our students have two semesters -fall and spring- that combine for one complete school year. These two semesters are independent of each other – meaning our students take different courses with different teachers, and the grades are not connected. Therefore moving forward, each family will be permitted to make one instructional change per semester. If you have already made an instructional change request this year, or plan to make one tomorrow, then your student will remain in the chosen instructional model through December 15th. A new choice could be made for the new semester in January.

The second update addresses student schedules. When a parent requests a change from traditional to digital or vice-versa, it will likely impact the student’s current schedule. The impacts that could occur include a change of teacher, reorganization of the class periods, and the elective opportunities available to students. Please know that not all electives are offered every period of the day, and families may have to make difficult choices that include a student having to drop a top elective choice.

The third update regards the deadline to inform the school of your instructional model change. If you inform the guidance counselor by the end of the school day on Thursday, August 27th, your child’s new schedule will begin on Monday August 31st. If you make your request between Friday, August 28th and the end of the school day on Tuesday September 1st, your child’s new schedule will begin on Thursday, September 3rd.

Thank you for your time tonight and support of Maryville High School. We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with you.


Heather Hilton