Penguins as they are

The Penguin is a flightless bird. They have adapted to living in water over the years. The penguins have a tuxedo looking body. This body style is to keep them safe in the water. The penguin is found in the southern part of the world. They raise their children on land.

The care and motherly love of baby Penguins

Penguins are actually not born out of the mothers womb. The mothers’ lay eggs. The chicks then proceed to grow and develop in the egg. Once they are big enough they poke a hole in the shell. It then takes around three days for the chick to break its way out of the egg. Father Penguins take care of the new born babies keeping them warm and fed until the mothers get back with food.

Daily diet

Penguins down around the antarctic region eat krill and squid. More northern penguins eat all sorts of fish. Penguins use their best asset to catch their food: they swim. They chase after their prey and catch it in their mouths.

Habitat and Habits

Penguins only live in the southern hemisphere. They live on Antarctica, Australia, and some parts of South america. Penguins live in very large colonies. Most penguins usually breed for life. They also like to hunt. That's about all I could find on the habits of penguins.

Defense around enimies

Penguins swim fast, walk on land and stay in groups. Penguins enemies are: Orcas, Leopard Seals, Skuas, and other bigger sea mammals.


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