Kinder Kapers

September 11-15, 2017

September 11th

Let's all take a moment today to remember and honor the fallen from 16 years ago. As always, we are thankful for our nation and the first responders who keep us safe.

It's Apple Week!

This week we will study apples in various forms and in various subjects. If you have not done so, please send your child to school with an apple (any color) by Tuesday. Thank you for helping us make this week fun!
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Homework will begin the week of September 18th. Mrs. Killebrew and Mrs. Dodd will send home books for the week on Mondays, to be returned on Fridays. Mrs. Spencer and Mrs. Eubank will send home a different book nightly, to be returned daily. Math homework topics will be featured here, on the weekly newsletter.

Vision and Hearing Screenings

Campus vision and hearing screenings are coming up this Tuesday, 09/12 for PK, KG, 1st, 3rd and 5th grade students as well as any new students in 2nd and 4th grade. Please make every effort to be present and on time. Also, if your student requires prescription glasses or contacts, please be sure they have these on the day of screening for accurate results.

Fall is Bringing Jacket Weather

As we approach the season of fall, please make sure to label all your child's outerwear items with his or her name. Our Lost and Found gets very full this time of year. We'd like to make sure all your child's items return home daily.

Birthday Celebrations

At GES, we want to honor your child's birthday with a birthday pencil from the office and something special from his or her teacher. If you want to send something for the class, please send non-food items such as special pencils, erasers, stickers, glow sticks, etc. Food treats for birthdays will not be allowed.
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Getting to know our Learning Commons (Library)

Please follow the link below for great information about our library and the check out process for this year.

Learning to Tie Shoes

If your child has shoes that tie, please work with them at home to learn to tie them. Shoes untie a lot at school because we are moving often. Thank you for helping us promote this level of independence with your child.

Still have lot's of questions?

Check out our websites and the ABC's of Kindergarten document linked below:


ABC's of Kindergarten