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We are trying out with the 5th graders for the remainder of the year. Edmodo is an online learning network, meaning students can interact with the teacher and the class in an online setting.

  • As a specialist who only sees the students 1x/week, I’m excited at the possibilities for better connections with students.
  • I’m hopeful that it will help those students who might get overwhelmed by the bigger personalities in the class to find a voice.
  • It will get students working on their keyboarding and writing skills. (Good grammar and punctuation is expected.)
  • It will prepare them for middle and high school where they will use Moodle or other online learning networks.
  • I can differentiate learning by doing a bit of flipped classroom experiences; students who are self-directed and able to soar will probably love this.
  • It will give them real-life practice using their digital citizenship skills, and opportunity to create a positive digital footprint.

So many good things to be gained!

I’m keeping you posted on this for a few reasons:

  1. If this becomes a distraction in class with BYOD, in computer labs, or while on the iPads in class, please let me know. It’s novel right now.
  2. If you hear about it, you’ll be in the loop; this is always a good thing, yes?
  3. If you are interested in exploring this yourself next year (or even this year), let’s talk.

I expect it to be a bit of hard work at the beginning, but I’m excited at the possibilities.

Click on the link below for a quick video intro to Edmodo.

We are on Twitter. I'm finding it to be a great learning resource for myself, and a fun way to share what we are doing in our school. Let me know if you'd like help setting up your own Twitter account, or anything else Twitter related!

Book Talk Videos

Students are writing reviews and creating videos of their favorite books. Here are the first three. They are already on YouTube, and we plan to start posting them soon onto our OHA website.

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