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September 21, 2014

Can I Help You?

When school shootings were uncommon and infrequent, people couldn't accept that those types of events might happen in our own schools. And people worried that the necessary security measures would destroy our sense of community.

Over the years, school violence has unfortunately become more common. And fortunately we've improved our procedures and schools like St. Matt's and Holy Spirit have invested in new entrances and/or new cameras in order to keep our communities safe.

However, I think we can become too reliant on technology like cameras and locks and forget the most important step we can take to keep our schools safe AND welcoming. Every staff member should be trained to say, "Can I help you?" whenever they see a visitor. It's not someone else's job, it's all of our jobs. Parents and grandparents appreciate that we're looking out for the students and most often, they do need help.

Will you ever encounter an unwelcomed visitor? Perhaps. But more likely you'll spread the word that your school keeps its students safe. You're not sounding an intruder alert. You're welcoming people by asking to help. Welcoming and safe--two good goals for us to strive to for.

Dr. Tim Uhl

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The Week Ahead

Monday: Butte Central Elementary morning, Foundation lunch, Butte Central High afternoon

Tuesday: (Missoula) St. Joseph's Elementarymorning, MCS Admin meeting, Loyola Sacred Heart afternoon

Wednesday: (Great Falls) Marian make-up class 11-2:15

Thursday: (Great Falls) MFIS meeting

Friday: Helena

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Last week's travels: 1,456 miles

This school year: 4,856 miles

Upcoming Events

Marian Make-up Class: Wed at Ursuline Center (Great Falls) 11-2:00. I have 18 teachers signed up. Have you emailed me your names?

St. Mary's (Livingston) is celebrating its 100th anniversary on Saturday, October 4th at their BASH.

St. Labre Elementary WCEA Accreditation visit Oct 5-8

Marian classes: Wed, Oct 15 in Billings 12-3; Oct 16 10-1 in Great Falls; Oct 17 9-noon in Missoula.

St. Andrew WCEA Accreditation visit Oct 19-22.

Regional principal meetings in November: Nov 18th (Missoula), Nov 19 (Great Falls), Nov 20 (Billings). More details to come.

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How to Use Values

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When Robert Back, a student athlete from Belt HS, was seriously hurt a week ago in his football game, Great Falls Central Catholic went to work. They held a prayer service for the student, wore decals on their helmets at yesterday's game, sold T-shirts at the game, dedicated their 50-50 proceeds to his family, and passed the helmet to raise money. For a casual observer, it would seem like Robert was a player on the Central Catholic team. Vickie Donisthorpe did a great job of leading this compassionate outreach.

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