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Cullins Chronicle week of August 28th

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Welcome Back to School!!

Welcome back to school to all of our Cullins Friends and Family! Yesterday was an awesome day seeing new faces and reuniting with old ones.

Each week you will receive a newsletter in this format via email informing you of important dates and other events happening at school. We usually send this out on Friday along with attachments of any flyers from the PTA or the community. This week you will probably get two newsletters as we get more information to share toward the end of this week.

We are very excited to have everyone back and ready for the 2017-2018 school year! I hope your child had an amazing first day of school, I know I did!!! Please contact us if you need anything at all!

Jill Baird
Doris Cullins-Lake Pointe Elementary

Arrival and Dismissal

The first day of school is always a challenge for arrival and dismissal as we learn faces and new procedures. We have not changed anything with how we normally do arrival and dismissal however I would like to send out a few reminders. All staff members utilize a check-out system at their dismissal areas to ensure the safety of all children. Please be patient as we learn names, faces, and pick up locations. Time delays are minor inconveniences that help keep your children safe. If you have transportation changes to your child's daily method of getting home, please contact the office at 972-412-3070 no later than 2:00. We understand that last minute updates will happen on occasion and we can accommodate these. Please contact us as soon as possible so we are able to communicate the changes to your child and teacher in plenty of time.

Arrival - Please drop your child only in the designated areas
  • Any student arriving before 7:15 should enter through the front door and wait in the foyer for the first bell to ring.
  • Students arriving by car need to be dropped off in the South Parking Lot off Westfield Drive. We have adults and students that will assist in unloading your child and get them in the building. You can drop your child here between 7:20 and 8:00. Traffic flows in only one lane in the mornings. Students in grades 4-6 can be dropped off in the bus circle between 7:40 and 8:00 to enter through the gym doors and walk to their classrooms.
  • Students walking or riding a bike can enter through the door at the South Parking Lot or the front doors.
  • Students arriving by bus will unload in the bus circle and enter through the gym doors.
  • Students arriving on a day care bus or van will arrive and unload by the front door.

Dismissal - Please pick up your child only in the designated areas

  • Students being picked up by car will be loaded in your vehicle in the south parking lot. Please remain in your car and have your Yellow Car Sign displayed in the front window. Two lanes of traffic are used in the afternoon dismissal time and all students are escorted to cars by an adult.
  • Students walking or being picked up by parents walking will be dismissed by the marquee sign. Please stand behind the cone of your child's grade level. Pre-K and Kinder are dismissed from the door closest to the cones.
  • The front circle is reserved for day care vans and buses. Please keep this area clear of pick-up traffic.
  • All buses dismiss from the gym and the bus loop.

If you have any questions about arrival or dismissal procedures, please don't hesitate to ask any staff member or call the office at 972-412-3070.

Upcoming Activities and Dates

  • September 4th- No School, Labor Day Holiday
  • September 5th- Parent Orientation Night
  • September 28th- 3rd Grade Program
  • September 29th- Fall Picture Day

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