Robotics at Summerquest!

A note from Mrs. McConnaughey

Wednesday July 13th


Our third day of robotics was full of information about the language of computers -- binary!

The binary number system, or base 2 number system, is the code that computers and robots understand. We humans use the decimal, or base 10, number system so much that we don't even think about it. Here are some questions we discussed: How does the binary number system work? What does the number 73 look like in binary? Why do computers use the binary system? And why do humans use the decimal system?

Students learned how the letters of the alphabet are encoded in binary and they practiced encoding their initials and a few words. Students were able to make magnets and bookmarks today. They may have brought these and their binary alphabet home to show you, or they may have kept them in their folder at camp. I will be sending those folders home at the end of camp so you can be sure to see what they've done.

We spent more time building our LEGO robots and programming them today. Ask your student what they built on their robot today. Or you can ask them what their robot has been programmed to do so far.

Reminder: Tuesdays and Thursdays are camp t-shirt days!

Thanks and have a great day!