Amnesia Due to Trauma

Aaron Jones and Chris Rizk

Why we chose this?

We chose this topic because I have had 4 concussions and 2 out of the four times i experienced amnesia from the trauma of the hits. Football is a rough sport! Research for this topic will not only help those that received the injury, and those around that have to deal with the effects. Research can help healing of the brain, and recovery of memory.

What is amnesia due to trauma?

Amnesia due to trauma is when a person has a traumatic head injury (car crash, sports, or fall) and is unable to recount events that happened before the injury, and even can't remember their own name, the date, or where they are.


What has to be damaged to have amnesia?

  • The frontal and temporal lobes, the limbic system, and parts of the brain stem are in charge of memory, and if theses are damaged memory loss can occur. Swelling, in itself, does not have any affect on memory loss, swelling is just a sign of injury, not the cause.

Are there any theories about amnesia due to trauma?

  • Many doctors believe that amnesia due to trauma can mean that the person is more susceptible to concussions and the healing process is significantly slower.

Extra Information

Research Studies

  • 1953: Henry Molaison had a bilateral medial temporal lobectomy to cure his epilepsy, however, after the surgery he experienced explicit amnesia, the inability to obtain new ideas and thoughts.
  • 2002: Bayley Squire gave a patient semantic learning treatments to help with his amnesia. To test his base they gave him several IQ tests that he performed very poor on, then after the treatment, his scores improved, not passing the normal baseline, but he improved in his own situation.

Concussions in the NFL

  • Concussions in the NFL are a massive epidemic. Most players who receive concussions mid game play through, putting themselves in extremely high risk of severe damage. Though the NFL has cracked down on players taking "return to play" protocols, many players return early and are re-injured.
  • Over the years the number of concussions in the NFL has decreased, but it is still extremely high.

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