All about Meteors

By:Milaan Wells

Facts About Meteors:

  • Meteors are made out of dust or sand grains sized pieces of rock.
  • They are easier to see at night during the lower light conditions at night.
  • The Earth's atmosphere has millions of meteors everyday.
  • Meteors can travel as slow as 25,000 miles per hour to 160,000 miles per hour.
  • They have high risk of damage to things especially to Earth.

Meteors,Meteorites,and Meteoroids


Facts about Meteoroids

  • A meteoroid is a small rock of debris in our solar system.
  • The fastest meteoroids travel in the solar system at a speed of 42 kilometers per second and 26 miles per second.
  • They range in size from dust and around is 10 meters in Diameter.

Facts About Meteorites

  • A meteorite is bits of the outer space that enters the Earth's surface surviving the impact.
  • They are chunks that are no bigger than dust and sand.
  • When in the outer space they are known as meteoroids but once they inter the Earth's surface they are known as meteors.
The difference between Meteoroids, Meteors, and Meteorites

Ending Paraghraph

So basically Meteors,Meteorites,and Meteoroid are the same rocks but don't have the same meanings and can cause alot of damage to things so it is important to keep a distance while enjoying the view.