Community Leaders and Their Roles

Cameron S.

The Role That Leaders Play in Shaping the Way a Community Responds to a Crisis and in Preventing Other Crises.

Leaders play a big role in shaping the way a community responds to a crisis and in preventing other crises. Although they are facing this crisis as well, they have to stay calm and brave. For example, Walter Diggles, the community leader in The Two Towns of Jasper, had to stay calm about the racial act of James Byrd jr. being dragged three miles to his death. He had to stay calm and brave to lead the trials and provide support for James Byrd jr.'s family. Another example is James Brown from the documentary The Night James Brown Saved Boston. James Brown saved many lives through his concert. Although anything could have happened to him, he still performed, showing his bravery and calmness.
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The Two Towns of Jasper: A man, James Byrd Jr., was dragged three miles to his death as part of a racial act. Evidence to this was the trials of the three killers.

The Night James Brown Saved Boston: After Martin Luther King Jr. died crime broke out on the streets causing chaos to Boston and its civilians.


1. What did the cemetery being divided by whites on one side and blacks on the other show? -Color lines very clearly drawn.

2. According to a guy interviewed in "The Night James Brown Saved Boston" documentary, what did James Brown's singing have on people? -The healing effect.

3. In the documentary "The Night James Brown Saved Boston" what were the protesters protesting? -Segregation.

4. Jasper being split into two separate communities showed what? -Race relations.

5. They wanted to cancel James Brown's concert because they didn't want too many people in one what? -Community.

6. In Jasper,the town was split into more than one what? -Community.

Man executed for Byrd dragging death