Tech Rules for Parents

Created by Aashwan Dhaliwal

Rule #1

Don't text and Drive (This includes taking calls). This is because you will get more focused on the phone and less on the road so that will create an accident.

Rule #2

Don't believe everything that you see on the internet to be true. This is because people are able to edit and put false things on to a specific site an example would be Wikipedia (you are able to create an account and edit the site).

Rule #3

If you post a picture on Instagram or Facebook remember that they can sell your pictures to ad companies and it will be there forever.

Rule #4

Obey copyright laws. This is because there is a couple thousand dollar fine if someone catches you illegally downloading music or movies.

Rule #5

Don't give out personal emails and never give out phone numbers. This is because someone can easily find out where you live using these two things.

Rule #6

Keep your Facebook accounts private and make sure that the people you don't know can't access your personal information.

Rule #7

Don't start talking on personal email unless you know that person very well as in they are your cousin. This is because hackers or blackmailers know that it is harder for them to get tracked on email.

Rule #8

Keep a piece of electrical tape on your webcam if it is always plugged in your computer. This so that no one can put a RAT in your webcam.

Rule #9

Obey other peoples privacy so don't hack into computers. This is because you could get in huge trouble for doing something like this.

Rule #10

Don't give out your credit card numbers on line to a unknown website. The person who receives your credit card number could then use it and take all the money out of your bank account.
Many Parents Texting, Phoning While Driving Their Kids