Wonder Final Project

By: Kari Miller

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One Sentence Summary Of Wonder

Wonder is about this 10 year old boy who has a messed up face and it's his first time going to a public school after being homeschooled for years.

Who I Think Was A Better Friend To August

I think Summer was a better friend to August because on page 51 he said that she was the only kid who sat with him at lunch. She also didn't say anything about his face when she very first met him, even though she did ask eventually on page 129 when he was over her house. She invited him over her house to work on a project on page 127. She always sticks up for him when someone is talking about him around her like when she went to Halloween party on page 122. That's why I think Summer was a better friend to him.

5 Reasons Why I Wouldn't Bully Anyone

  1. I know how they would feel because I've been bullied before and it's not fun either.
  2. Bullying is DISRESPECTFUL and is not polite and makes the bully's seem like jerks.
  3. Treat others how you want to be treated because I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want to be bullied.
  4. They never did anything to you and you're being mean to them for no reason, really.
  5. They might not have many friends, may look or talk like everyone and if you get to know them you might become friends.

Which Character I Think Is Like Me

I think I'm more like Summer because she and I sat with a kid who was sitting by themselves. I also made them feel better about themselves by being their friend. I didn't do it just to be nice or because I felt bad for them, I did it because I wanted to be their friend. That's why I think I'm like Summer.

5 Ways Our School Could Prevent Bullying

  1. Make videos showing how people feel when being bullied.
  2. Make posters that have facts about bullying.
  3. Have assemblies where other people come in and make it a fun way to learn about bullying.
  4. Have contest for the classroom who is the nicest to others and the students write down their names and teachers and submit in a bin in their classroom.
  5. Have school dances at the end of each quarter that are about ending bullying.

Why You Should Read Wonder Poster

About Wonder

Wonder is about this 10 year old boy named August who was a messed up face. After being homeschooled since kindergarten, he has to go to a real school with kids and he is very nervous. Once he gets there he has to deal with kids laughing at him, running away from, and looking at him funny. After a while they start to be nice and hangout with him at school.

4 Things You Realize While Reading

  1. Some people look different.
  2. Bullying is NOT ok.
  3. Other people have feelings, too.
  4. Being the new kid at school is not very fun.

Unique Things About The Book

  • It has parts where they change who's telling their story.
  • At the beginning of the parts it has a quote from someone or something.
  • At the beginning of the parts it has the face of the person telling their story.
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