Welcome, New Stylist!!

I'm so thrilled to have you on the SPARKLING STUNNERS team!

Congratulations on starting your own business!

I hope you are so excited to start this amazing adventure with Stella & Dot! We are certainly excited to have you!

The information below is designed to break down the first steps in your new business - getting you organized and ready to ROCK IT!!! And of course, you always have me and your upline sponsor (the stylist you signed up with - if not me) as your best resource throughout your business.

REMEMBER (and this is the most important thing): This is YOUR business, matched to YOUR goals for your life and family. I am here to help you reach those goals, whatever they may be - extra spending money, a family vacation, quitting your full-time job and everything in between!

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New Stylist TO-DO List

1. Order your jewels! You get a week after signing up to do this, but don't wait - get those jewels on their way to you! Log into the lounge, click on Orders & Shop then Shop for Myself. Take a look at the New Stylist Samples list for ideas, but order whatever you love and will wear the most. (Remember to use the retail prices to calculate how you are using your credit.) At checkout, you will see your product credit amount appear. Be sure to apply that to your order.

2. Announce to the world that you are now a Stella & Dot Stylist! Post on Facebook, email/text your friends and call those closest to you. Send pictures of your favorite products. These groups will be where you find your first 4 hostesses!

3. Get out your calendar and consider getting a planner for your business. Mark the date that your Jumpstart ends - 60 days after you signed up! Find 6-8 dates in your jumpstart that work with your schedule for your first shows, and share those dates with family and friends. Try to book with 2 of them in your first 30 days.

4. Schedule your first coaching call with me or your upline. This will be a one-on-one new stylist training call to help you start strong (about 30 minutes). Write down any questions you have as you're getting started to ask your upline.

5. Make your WDYK list - your WHO DO YOU KNOW list! Take out a sheet of paper and write down literally EVERY woman you know - friends, family, acquaintances, neighbors (old and new), kids' friends' parents, co-workers (old and new), hair stylist, teachers, babysitters, church/temple friends, etc. This is where you will find more hostesses, and you'll be constantly updating this list as you meet new women.

6. Read through the New Stylist Guide that can be found here (in Stellaverse). This has a LOT of information, and you will want to keep it handy for reference. Again, write down questions you have for your first training call with your upline.

7. Check out Stellaverse on your own, in the lounge, then go to Tools & Resources. Look for New Stylist for documents, videos and audio recordings geared toward new stylists. Also, check out the Calendar and look for the Getting Started series - a set of 4 weekly calls specifically for new stylists.

8. Set up a simple Excel spreadsheet to track expenses for tax season. Keep your receipts. (Note: Stella & Dot does not take taxes out of our pay. You may want to set aside a portion of each pay to cover any amount you need to pay at tax time.)

9. Download the DOTTIE app on your iPad if you have one. Log into the lounge on the iPad, look for Quicklinks on the homepage, and click on Download Dottie. You can place orders directly through the app at your shows. If you don't want to use Dottie or don't have an iPad, you can use paper order forms and enter orders after your show.

10. Activate your Pay Portal at stelladotpay.com and your blue card when it arrives. Follow the directions on the site to add a bank account and have your pay distributed there or stay on your blue card.

Ways to Earn FREE Stuff!

Teams Excited to Welcome You!

You are a part of all of these teams and may hear them mentioned or see them on Facebook - connect with your upline and me, and let us know which team FB pages you would like to be added to for ideas and challenges! (You will automatically be added to the Sparkling Stunners and Shining Diamonds pages.)

The Sparkling Stunners - My team!

The Shining Diamonds - Stefanie Ott, Senior Director (my upline)

The Dazzling Gems - Missy Bryan, Star Director (Stef's upline)

The Bangin' Bangles - Allyson Houchen, Executive Director (Missy's upline)

The RockSTARS - Cindy Rhodehamel, DIAMOND Director with a team of over 3,000 stylists!

Bridget Evans, Associate Stylist & Mentor

Please feel free to reach out to me whenever you have a question or would like to set up a coaching call!

I only succeed when my team succeeds so I can't wait to help you build the business that fits YOUR goals!