Box of Balloons - What's Up?


There is so much going on with BOB right now! The annual Birthday Bash is in it's final planning stages, new chapters opening up, chapter Facebook pages and making birthdays happy for kids!

New Business:

1. BOB Bash: Tickets for this year's fundraiser at the Madison Children's Museum go on presale on October 9th. This year's bash is going to be amazing with so many things to do in addition to the awesome museum. Spread the word to your volunteers! Here is the link to the Facebook event: . If you aren't going to be able to make it, please click on "interested" so it get shown to your Facebook friends.

2. BOB Shop: Check out our new limited edition BOB shirts that say, "Do small things with great love" are available in our online shop. Perfect for fall! There are also kid sizes available for preorder if you have a little one that would love to spread a positive message and support Box of Balloons. There are also new birthday cards available for purchase. These were designed by the winners from our coloring contest earlier in the year.

3. Chapter Leader Sharing: Holy cow, we've received some great new paperwork and forms to share. Thanks to everyone for creating these and letting us all put them to good use. If you have a form you want to share, feel free to post in the file section.

4. Box of Balloons Music Event: On October 22nd at the Brinklounge in Madison, 10 bands will be performing throughout the day and evening. These bands are generously giving proceeds of their cover charge to our organization! Grab some friends and come listen to some music!


What are some things you plan to post on your new chapter Facebook page? Besides the usual box pictures and news/updates.

Chapter Leaders - thanks for all you do! Your time and commitment to bring happy birthdays to children in your community is amazing and you are making a difference!