Help Us Keep The World Warm

Zaria Charlton

Do you have what it takes?

We are a proud organization that loves what we do and never get tired of it. We travel a lot and work hard and diligently to give people around the world the clothes they need to stay warm and safe. We have fun and FIND joy in BRINGING joy to people that may need these resources. We treat this organization like its a part-time, even full-time job. We work day and sometimes night to do what we can. Depending on what jobs or obligations people have we work 3 days a week. Salary and perks come with this depending on what you do.

Characteristics We prefer

We are looking for someone with the PATIENCE and PASSION to help us make the world a warmer place inside and out.

How do I apply?

To apply you will need to fill out a application at our website; The application will include:

  • A test to see your characteristic strengths and weaknesses
  • Environments you prefer or do not prefer to work in
  • Medical questions
  • Previous organizations or jobs
  • Jobs or obligation you already have the hours for it.