East Timor


Climate & Physical Features

East Timor has a tropical monsoon climate it is very hot and wet in the summer and warm and dry in the winter. It is semiarid and mountainous and includes a landform known as The Enclave of Oecussi which it shares with West Timor. Some native animals are the Timor Longneck Turtle or Chelodina timorensis and the Chelodina timorensis.

Culture & Economy

Timor was first colonized by the Portuguese in 1520. The Dutch, who claimed many of the surrounding islands, took control of the western portion of the island in 1613. Portugal and the Netherlands fought over the island until an 1860 treaty divided Timor, granting Portugal the eastern half of the island as well as the western enclave of Oecussi. Gold, petroleum, natural gas, manganese, marble. Mostly Roman Catholic, Protestant, Muslim.