Twelfth Night Viola

Aspen Hadley

Twelfth Night

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Viola's Identity

In the text the twelfth night Viola is trying to act like somebody she is not . Viola is also a greedy and begging person and wants to reach her goal to get what she wants , she also likes to prove herself to people. Viola's action produces all of the play's momentum . She is forthright and honest in all of her dealings because she does not want people to think the opposite of her . Viola uses the disguise as a man to entertain the audience with delightful verbal puns. Viola acting as a male is hard because she does not have the facial features or the deep voice. In the text it states " By my troth, I'll tell thee , I am almost sick for one (aside) though I would bot have it grow on my chin. (to fool) Is thy lady within? (III.I.40-42). The fool is making fun of viola having a lack of facial hair because a real man and has a lot of facial hair .

Viola's Gender

Viola is a young woman of aristocratic birth , and plays the protagonist . Viola disguises herself as a young man , in other words acting as someone she is not. Viola works for orsino to act like a male eunuch , but eventually she catches feelings for orsino but cannot blow her cover , but eventually the truth comes out . Viola act as a bottled up girl and tell the truth when it is to late and tries to be generous towards that person . In the text Orsino's describe a woman as "Too old by heaven. Let still the woman take An elder than herself . So wears she to him, so sways she level in her husbands heart. For, boy , however we do praise ourselves, Our fancies are more giddy and unfirm , More longing , wavering , sooner lost and worn Than women's are . " ( II. Iv. 28-34). Orsino is describing what kind of lovers men+ women are .

People's perception of Viola

Orsino is In love with viola and think that she is sweet and has a nice personality . The fool thinks that Viola is generous and very begging , she will use or do whatever she has to do to reach her goal. Generous means showing a readiness to give more of something, as money or time, than is strictly necessary or expected. In the text it states "( giving him money) For saying so , there's gold. Whereto thy speech serves for authority, " ( I. II. 16-18). The fool thinks viola is more interested in the art of begging than the money , it is art to him . Viola will do anything to prove herself to people , like in the end she wants to prove herself but the captain was not there .

Similarties and differences shared with Viola

The things I have in common with Viola is that we are both very intelligent . I am smart and back in 4th grade I finished in less than a minute on my math multiplication sheets and division sheets , I was always done first , I am very good with multiplication , I have other talents but that's a good one that I remember. Whereas violent is smart as acting as man to be safe and have a man's freedom to move without protection . Being intelligent can make great things happen in your life like Orsino falling in love with Viola because he loved her personality .

Some differences that me and Viola have is that I do not act like somebody I am not . I act as myself and really try not to prove myself to people . I feel like I do not have to explain because if they do not see in then they don't. That is why we are very different , viola will give money to prove herself and the fool think it is funny and a work of art , she's just interested in the art of begging . We are also different because I do not fall in love with somebody in less than 2 weeks. I may have a little crush on them if they have the qualities I like in a guy then I may have a little crush but whereas viola fell in love with duke orsino and wanted to get married .