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One Word Can Change Everything

Traditions, well, sometimes they are simply just that... traditions. Some are born out of good intentions, yet are often practices that don't bring fulfillment. Society encourages us each New Year to brainstorm a resolution. A promise that we make to ourselves to do something better, to love ourselves more, to let go of a harmful habit. Each year, most of us give up in the face of such a daunting task and long year ahead, overwhelmed by taking something additional onto our (already too taxing) everyday responsibilities.

Transformation can happen in 2015, and it may be as simply as changing our tradition. For several years, founder of WHM, Debbie Mascioli, and her family asks God for One Word to focus on throughout the New Year. Each year God is faithful to provide One Word that promotes and guides change in each family member over the 12 months. It's a simple practice, and one that sets us up for success, not failure. It's simple, yet profound. It's simple, yet transformative. All experiences get filtered through this One Word. Whether it's a fruit of the Spirit, a word of your identity in Christ, or a word of faith, One Word can change everything. In 2015, refocus on God, refocus on the simplicity of faith He calls us to have. Ask God for One Word and watch Him transform your family from the inside out.

Let us know what He is doing in your life through the One Word challenge. Post your encouraging stories on our FB page.

Join Us!

In the Fall, God compelled Michelle, WHM ministry leader, to surrender control over some personal struggles in her life. What started as a personal call to trust God more, she presented to a conference of Godly women who agreed to join her in surrendering control to God. WHM is asking women around the world to TRUST God more in 2015. If you feel the Holy Spirit persuading you to see God in your struggles, to go to God first with your pain and frustration, or to learn to rejoice in your trial, JOIN US in the "I Surrender" campaign. Upload a photo of yourself holding an "I Surrender" sign to our FB page and let us know how God's power is transforming your life. There's power in the sharing of our testimony with one another!


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