Staff Meeting Minutes Nov 2, 2016


  • C.W. – Doing a great job at job sites.

  • B.E. – Great job walking longer distances while out in the community.

  • D.W. – Facebook & weapons. Jeanne communicating with Dr. Mounger regarding past issues. Jeanne to also address private restroom issues.

  • Staff Involvement – Clarification given/discussed regarding teachable moments: Staff witnessing incidents versus hearsay.


  • iPads – We are awaiting allowances for charges.

  • HDMI – A work order has been submitted for HDMI repair in Room 5 at Transition Center.

  • Tech Committee – Pearle and Tom are on Tech Committee. We need committee meetings regularly to keep staff abreast.

  • iPad Carts – The carts used to charge iPads are not efficient. Teachers can keep individual iPads at their desks to charge.

November 8, 2016 Board Meeting

  • Sonnet & Jeanne to see what students are able to make for board meeting displays.

  • Jenna to present canvas on logo.

  • Project Choice: Pat Peters & Lisa Voydanoff – Project Unified.

  • Request to add photos to Hero Google.

  • Student Surveys to be given in Home Room next week.

  • Staff and parent/family surveys will also be conducted.

  • $1 Raffle – Movie Night basket.

  • Mock election to be given to students. Staff to assist students with voting.

Trisha Hill, Director for Centers for Countywide Programs, to tour Transition Center facility. Staff asked to please showcase center at all times.

Progress reports are due Friday November 4, 2016. Staff asked to turn in data collections sheets to Charlotte Gambrel.