A bakery workers miracle

A man with a intellectual disability becomes extremely smart

Meet Charlie Gordon

Charlie Gordon is a 32 year old male that had an intellectual ability. He was barely working a job at Donner's bakery with an IQ of 70. But then he starts improving and now his IQ is 185! It is a miracle that has a 0.01% chance of happening lets investigate.
I was getting my usual bagel from Donner's bakery and I noticed something different. Charlie the delivery boy was talking a little more. I started a conversation with him and he seems like he has become more smart.
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Charlie Gordon is but a simple delivery boy for Donner's bakery and he goes to the Beekman school. He has an intellectual ability that doesn't allow him to learn many things. Now a miracle has happened and his IQ some how boosted to 185.
I was only able to talk to Charlie but I got some interesting information from him. He claims to be a lot more smart than he was before. "With an I.Q. of 185"(126). Even the people around him think he has changed. "You're different. You've changed"(122). He is a scientific miracle.
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All his life Charlie wanted to be smart this is a miracle for him. He probably is very excited and happy now.
Charlie Gordon has always had the dream of being smart. His miracle come true must have made him happy. "I want to be smart"(1). He must be excited that his dream has been fulfilled.