The Orange Haired Robot

Once upon a time there was an orange haired robot. He lived in a home with his parents on the planet Acirfa. He has two sisters, and he is the only boy besides his dad in the family. Having two sisters is hard and tiring. All they do is complain and whine about everything even if it's good. It's bad in the morning when we are eating breakfast they always say, “My pancakes are soggy and cold”, even if the pancakes are hot and puffy.

At school it isn't as bad because I don't see them in the hallways since they are a little bit older than me. But this year they are in high school and they aren't in the hallways. When the bell rang I went to first period but it was boring until lunch when somebody started a food fight. It was the worst day to do it because we were having lasagna for lunch because it got all over me and I was doing nothing. This got me mad and then I got into it. Before I could start though the teachers were already giving people detentions if you had food in your hand. Sure enough i had food in my hand when the teacher came by. I had detention the entire rest of the day and thirty minutes after school. It really stunk because I had Ro-ball practice after school. My coach wasn't to happy with me so I had to run.

When I got home it was not good. My mom was not happy that I was late to practice and had a detention on the first day of school. Like always my sisters are complaining and making everything worse. My dad didn't care but my mom was all over me. So for the rest of the night I was quiet. At dinner I was the only one not talking. On the other hand I didn't have homework. Instead I played some video games.

On the weekend I got a pet bird. My mom said it was a Squawk. For the first couple of days he went without a name. Finally I was watching my favorite movie, Daddy Doolittle, when I thought of a name. I shall name my bird Eddy the Squawk. In his cage all he eats is live rainbow worms. His enclosure has bright and colorful grass like himself. When he wants to eat, Eddy likes to come out of nowhere and pounce on them.

Sometimes when I have to feed Eddy my stretchy arms come in handy so I don't have to get out of my chair. Since my arms are stretchy they get rusty and squeaky. Since they get all rusty and stuff I have to oil them often.