stop drugs from entering east texas


Our plan to stop drugs from entering east T.X. is to arrest the drug dealers by spoting them and telling the police, so they can go to jail for two years. this plan will help stop more drugs from coming into East Texas

by: Raina Bosco

our past plans

Our old plans were to just search EVERYBODY but that would take way to long so we decided have gards at the borders now.

by: Allie Endsley


To stop drugs from coming into East Texas, we need to check everybody and everything that tries to cross the border. If we find someone with any drugs we need to ''take care'' of the drugs,and hold the person in jail for two years for the possetion of drugs. We need airplane security not only getting on the plane, but also getting off of them. We also need coast guard security for any suspicious looking boats. If we find drugs on them, we hold them also for two years for the possetion of drugs.

by: Parker Vinson


Please help us spot the people so we can be safe, and the people who do drugs. drugs are life risking they can make you die so stay safe.

by: Justin Attoway

What I learned

I learned that people do crazy things to get drugs threw to North America

Allie Endsley

I learned that most drugs come from the cartel from south america

Raina Bosco

I learned that people smuggle drugs in crazy ways. From putting cocaine In a wheelchair and saying you're handicapped, to shooting cans of marijuana over the border with t-shirt cannons. Parker Vinson

For your safety and ours Huntington Middle School