NCVPS French 3

Madame Hardy

Due Dates

Bonjour les parents! Only one more week before our break! We are almost done with Unit 5 this week. Students only have three assignments to finish up the Unit next week. See please see below for the assignments due tomorrow as well as those for next week.

Missing Work

If your child has any missing work, you should have already received a separate email from me tonight. As I said, Units 3-4 will reopen on December 18th and all three units from this quarter will stay open from then until the morning of Saturday, January 9th.

If your student is missing work, please encourage them to get caught up over the break (if that is feasible for your family). The week after break (Jan 4-8) is the last week of our quarter. Students have to take the midterm the week we get back from break and they will do much better if they don't have to split their focus with missing assignments.

Winter Break

NCVPS is on break December 19th - January 3rd. There are no assignments for those two weeks. Students are welcome (and encouraged!) to work on missing assignments on that time but I will not be logging on to Blackboard or grading any assignments at that time. If you or your child MUST get in touch with me, texting me at 650-690-2724 is your best bet as I will not be regularly checking email during that time either.