An Interview with Mrs. Gage

By, Samantha Sanchez

The life of Ashley Gage

Mrs. Ashley Gage born and raised in Texas is a Texas State University graduate. Mrs. Gage graduated with a bachelors degree of art in communication studies. She teaches professional communications and is also head cheer coach at Haltom High School. Mrs. Ashley Gage has been teaching for about a year and a half now.


Grade Levels Taught

9th-12th/ Teaches Professional Communications/Cheer Coach

Class Room Environment

Coach Gages class room is very organized yet it does not have that feel of a strict, not fun classroom. Mrs. Gages class room gives off a feel of a second home. You feel very comfortable and like you can be yourself. She makes it as if it was a get away from the stress of school. Mrs. Ashley Gage gives off the vibe as a very caring teacher and that is very much represented in the class room environment.

Class Room Management Techniques

Mrs. Ashley Gage has quit a bit or techniques that she uses to keep her class room in tip top shape. A couple of these techniques are that when she does the attendance she calls their name out. Another one would be that she gives her students assigned seats to keep everything in order. Mrs. Gage does in fact have a bathroom pass so when she does allow them to go they do not get questioned by APs or anyone else. One of the most important things that Coach Gage does and a lot of the other teachers do is apply champs to there everyday activities. The champs are basically the class rules or expectations during a specific activity.

Teaching Strategies

Coach Gage is a very organized, well rounded women and is a young women with many different strategies. A couple of the strategies that Mrs. Gage uses is exit tickets, group/partner work and loves to use bins and compartments to keep everything turned in nice, neat, and organized. Coach Gage touched base with me on a very specific topic that she feels very strongly about , Coach Gage feels very strongly about group work she believes it helps the child communicate with a big group easier due to the fact that there going from a little group to a big group instead of throwing them under the bus and putting them in front of a big group.

Hours Per week

In all Mrs. Ashley Gage works about 52 or more hours a week. Coach Gage is not only dedicated to teaching professional communication but has also dedicated her mornings and sometimes afternoons and EVERY friday night to our wonderful,beautiful and talented varsity haltom high school cheerleaders. Coach Gage makes sure that she is there on that football field every friday night to watch her beautiful cheerleaders cheer on our school with all the positivity that they have.

Biggest Challenges

Coach Gage says that her biggest challenge would have to be time management. This could be due to the fact that she is the head cheer coach and the competition cheer coach and she teaches professional communications. Like i said she has to be a coach in the morning a teacher during the day and a coach once again every friday night. This is not even adding on the time she will spend with competition team. I would say that Coach Gage is a very dedicated teacher who spreads herself out where she's needed.

Biggest rewards

Coach Gage as you may already imply is a very big hearted, caring, and compassionate young lady who honestly cares for her students and there lives in and out of the classroom. She would say that the biggest reward she gets from teaching is to be able to have the opportunity to impact young children's lives. She likes to know that her class is not just a class that they have to take but that they actually enjoy. Coach Gage says her reward in all is that she got the opportunity to do this job.

Self-Motivation needed

So we got the chance to ask our teachers from 1-10 how much self motivation is needed for this job. Coach Gage said it is about an 8 to a 9 not implying that the job is easy but instead implying that she really enjoys her job and being there everyday. She believes that not only does she motivate her self but her students motivate her, they are the reason that she can wake up in the morning and work with out them she wouldn't even be able to have a chance to teach. Coach Gage is a very religious person and looks to God for guidance and i would assume in her time of need if she ever needed some extra motivation she would look to him. Over all Coach Ashley Gage is a well rounded, trusting, caring, compassionate teacher with one of the biggest hearts and one of the most positive attitudes. You can honestly tell that she enjoys her job and loves being there for her children every single day not only as a teacher but also a counselor and a friend. In complesion i conclude that Mrs. Gage works hard at her job ever single day and wouldn't change that for a thing and i wouldn't want her too.