*The Vault* Class of 2019

Information, Events, and Deadlines for Seniors

This is your Senior year resource!

"The VAULT" - a chronological guide to what's coming! #itsgreattobeasundevil

TRIMESTER 2 - Highlights

ASVAB - Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery - December 7th

Community College Information Night - January 22, 5:30pm @ MCHS PAC

Midyear Reports to Colleges - Let your Counselor know if your prospective college needs a midyear report.

Community College Night

Come learn about Promise Programs, Steps to Enroll, Transfer Programs, flyer

Colleges Still Accepting Applications!!

Colleges with a longer application period are called Rolling Admissions Schools. Admissions committees review applications as they roll in and send back a decision soon after. Typically, you'll hear back four to eight weeks after you apply. In some cases, you might hear back only two weeks later! List of Rolling Admission Schools.

TRIMESTER 3 - Highlights

AP Testing

Community College Early Registration program

Senior Scholarship Awards Night

The Final Countdown - Graduation, Senior Check Out (fines, final transcripts...)

The Final Countdown

Responsibilities, Recreation & Reminiscing

Our MC Admin Team will be making the rounds to senior classes to share this information. A Hard copy with Updates will be provided here closer to May

FAFSA and Financial Aid Info

UC/CSU APPLICATIONS (scroll down to UCs and Me and Inside the 23 CSU Campuses) Remember to Identify MCHS as a SEMESTER School and enter your "P" classes as semesters

Back to the Beginning :)

Trimester 1 - Highlights

Counselors in the Classroom, September 9th & 10th!!

How to Sign Up for a College Visit

College Application Workshop Series

Senior Forms due

Counselors in the Classroom

MC Counselors will be in your Civcs, Econ & AP Govt classes Monday and Tuesday, September 9th and 10th!!

We will review; the College Application Process & Timeline, Transcript submission, Letters of Rec., etc

If you do not have Civics, Econ OR AP Govt this term, we need to see you on Friday morning, September 7th @ 7:45am...

Sign Up Here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mandatory-college-app-process-info-session-tickets-49564167760

Form Required of Every Senior

Each senior will be issued a Senior Plan/FERPA waiver form when Counselors come to your Civics, Econ or AP Govt classes early September. How To Fill Out Your Senior Plan

The Senior Plan/FERPA waiver form highlights;

1) Your Plan after Graduation - Are you headed for College, the Military, Work, an Apprenticeship? Please Share! (front)

2) The FERPA form- Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act** (back)

Two Choices - To Waive or Not to Waive

**the FERPA form will prompt the student and parent to either "waive" or "not waive" their rights to access any Letter(s) of Recommendation written on your behalf. If you do not waive your rights, our PUSD policy prohibits staff members from writing anything about the student but the facts, ie. "Joseph is a senior, Joseph has a 3.75 gpa, Joseph is taking the following classes, etc"

Senior Plan/FERPA waiver form Due to Your Counselor October 12th

unless you have October 1 early decisions , then it is due September 14th.

Take Advantage of a college Faire Nearby

Common Questions Answered below

College Testing Information




Last Test Date Colleges will take scores is December 10


What's the Difference between the SAT & ACT?

Register here www.collegeboard.org

Last Test Date Colleges will take scores is December 3

In addition to having Counselors come to your Civics, Econ and AP Govt classes, MC also hosts a series of Friday morning Workshops for the Common App, UC & CSU campuses, writing your college essay - List of Helpful Workshops - Sign up here

Colleges are Visiting!

Each fall about 80 College Admissions Reps visit MCHS. Often the Rep is one of the people who review your application. Be sure to sign up and attend the visits of the colleges that interest you.

View list/visit schedule on Naviance, sign up and print pass/permission form

The FAFSA - Opens October 1st!

FAFSA must be completed to receive ANY financial aid of any kind.

Once you submit your FAFSA, you will begin to receive information about the types of financial aid each college is prepared to provide you. Some schools will provide a package that is heavy with loan opportunities, while other colleges will provide more grants.