Kindergarten Literacy

December Newsletter

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What We Are Working On Together

As we read together, we are focusing on making sure that what we say, matches the word on the page. The kids are learning to point to each word as they read so their brains and eyes work together. We have introduced the idea of looking closely at the first letter of words to make sure they read it right. In a story about this dog, the printed word could be "dog" or "puppy." The reader would need to look carefully at the beginning letter to find out which word is on the page.
For example, My puppy is happy.

Vacation Learning Ideas

Check out the websites below for some fun ways to practice and enjoy reading and writing over vacation!

Title 1 Breakfast

It was so nice to meet all of you at the parent breakfast last month. Unfortunately our technology did not cooperate, but we hope you enjoyed coming in to school to learn about what your children are learning with us.

Enjoy Your Vacation!