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What others are saying about Elite Retreat

Last year when I went to ELITE RETREAT I was really trying to figure out if all the work I was putting into my business was even worth it. After the retreat it gave me the encouragement to keep pressing on. I finally hit SILVER last month! I can't wait to see what the ELITE RETREAT will do for everyone that attends this year. –April Peters

I attended last year as the sole member of my team. I took a fury of notes and soaked in as much goodness as I could. I went last year as a brand new Premier and, over the last 5 months I've watched my team EXPLODE with growth. The training was great, but what struck me most was that there were other Moms/Wives/People like me doing this and actually being really successful. Ami talked about how her business was also a ministry and that solidified what the Lord was speaking to my husband and I about moving forward and using the gifts of these oils to bless others (both in wellness and financially). I am so excited to see how this will transform my builders from planted Elites to blossomed leaders for their own teams. –Jessica Beaver

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This retreat really was a game changer for me. I was thinking that I could just watch my team grow instead of me doing the work. I was at Elite for a long time but now am getting really close to Premier. I also realized that the relationships between everyone was amazing and that everyone really wanted to help everyone. It was so cool to see. I cannot wait to this year to see what is happening. I am hoping my team members are able to attend. –Yvonne Morris

The retreat was AMAZING - really changed everything for us. There's just something about all coming together and understanding that there are stages and seasons in this business, struggles and victories, that things that happen - happen to everyone - and that if we persevere we will experience the victories as well. I highly recommend this retreat for anyone who is serious about building their business! I also recommend it for anyone who just isn't sure, or has been discouraged or feeling alone in something. Come and receive strength and wisdom for this amazing journey! –Kay Sharpe

Elite Retreat

Saturday, Aug. 8th, 2pm to Sunday, Aug. 9th, 2pm

401 Assembly Dr

Montreat, NC

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