4th Grade Newsletter

May 1, 2015

Important Dates

  • School-wide Dress Down for the Last Two Weeks of School
  • Friday, May 1: ELA In Class Project= Completed by end of class.
  • Monday, May 4: Final Math Facts Quiz
  • Wednesday, May 6: End-of-Novel Test
  • Friday, May 8: Field Trip Permission Forms Due
  • Friday, May 8: Art Festival
  • Friday, May 8: Reading Project Due, Breakfast Day for Bud, Not Buddy Classes
  • Monday, May 11: Social Studies Economics Test
  • Monday, May 11: ELA Classwork Project: Prepositions (Phrases)
  • Tuesday, May 12: TAG Buffet of Scholars w/Mrs. Dempsey
  • Wednesday, May 13: Civil Rights Museum Field Trip
  • Thursday, May 14: STEM Day
  • Friday, May 15: Field Day
  • Monday, May 18: Final Math Project and Packet Due (counts as Test and Quiz Grade)
  • Tuesday, May 19: Last Science Test/Project Due
  • Wednesday, May 20 - Thursday, May 21: Aquarium Field Trip

  • NWEA Learning Pathways: lessons in Study Island are linked to your child's MAP score; if all students in homeroom complete at least 15 questions in each section (and pass with a blue ribbon!) the class will get a pizza party.


On-Level/Advanced: Students will review for the end-of-novel test and begin watching the film version of The Watsons Go to Birmingham on May 4. The end-of-novel test will be on May 6. Study guides have been provided and are also available on the portal. While watching the film version of this novel, students will make key comparisons between the materials. The final project will be due May 8.

Accelerated: Students will wrap up Bud, Not Buddy this week and part of next week. The end-of-novel test will be on May 6. Study guides have been provided and are also available on the portal. To conclude our unit with Bud, Not Buddy, students will have a Breakfast Day on May 8. Pancakes and oatmeal with brown sugar will be provided. We will listen to jazz music and do fun activities pertaining to the novel. The final project will be due May 8.


On Level and Advanced: Next week students will begin grammar Unit 7: Adverbs and Prepositions. We will discuss the differences between the two parts of speech and how we can use them to write more descriptively. Lessons include: what are adverbs and prepositions, comparing with adverbs, using good and well, and writing negatives. Students should return their ELA textbooks to my classroom this week.

Accelerated: Classes will begin Unit 7: Adverbs and Prepositions. Our topics include: what are adverbs, comparing with adverbs, what are the differences between adverbs and adverbs, negatives, prepositions, and prepositional phrases. Students may return their ELA textbooks this week.

*Please note that I will be out of the classroom this week to complete some Field Observations for the education course I am taking. I will respond to your emails Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening as time permits.


All Classes: We will have our last facts quiz on Monday, May 4.

Our final project in math will count as the final test grade; students will create a presentation (it can be power point, a handout, poster board, etc.) to show what they learned in their favorite unit in math. Students can work together or alone, and have chosen a topic in class today. The work should be completed in class as students will have two weeks to complete their projects. Projects will be due on Monday, May 18; students are expected to present on this day. An instructional packet has been given to students, and additional copies can be printed from Class Resources. A second packet it due the same day that will count as a quiz grade.


We have now officially begun our last unit of the year: The Human Body! This is a challenging unit with a three sectioned final exam that is organized as follows:

Section 1: Major Bones

Section 2: Major Organs

Section 3: Animal Cell

The students have the opportunity to take the sections of the test early, if they are ready. For example, if they are ready to take section one and they make a 90 or above, then they don't have to take section one on the day of the final exam. When the student finishes a section, they get to immediately move to the next section. Once they have finished the final section, they can then study any (appropriate) part of the human body. This means that students will be working at their own pace from now until the end of the year, which they are already very excited about doing!

Next week they will begin a choice board project that will be worked on both at home and in class. The project and the final exam are due on 5/19.

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Social Studies

Next week, we will start the Economics unit! The students will use the basic economic concepts of trade, opportunity cost, specialization, voluntary exchange, productivity, and price incentives to illustrate historical events.

*Last test will be Monday, 5/11 over Economics

Mrs. Dempsey

For texts from Mrs. Dempsey, text @4ndzs to 470-239-6238!

Next year, Mrs. Dempsey will be teaching 5th grade science at Holly Springs Elementary STEM Academy in Canton, GA.