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I'm a wife, mother, and a passionate Plexus Ambassador who loves helping others with these amazing products from Plexus.

My friends had been posting about Plexus on facebook, and I will admit, I was very skeptical. So skeptical in fact, that it took about 10 months of hearing about it before I finally decided to try it. I was about to close the door on my 30's, and something about that really gave me a reality check as far as my health was concerned. When I was in my 20's and early 30's, I always told myself, "I'm young, I have time". Well, after the past few years of battling low energy, plantar fasciitis (horrible foot pain), achy joints, weight gain, restless leg, and insomnia, I was tired of it and decided it was time!

Let me just tell you, I am a skeptic no more! I've experienced multiple changes that now have me convinced how amazing Plexus really is. I love that it's not some weight loss gimmick, but rather focuses on healing the gut, balancing blood sugar, reducing inflamation, and assisting your microbiome. And as it turns out, weight loss is generally a welcomed side effect.

Since taking Plexus, I no longer have plantar fasciitis, my joints no longer ache, insomnia and restless leg are GONE, I have energy again, I've lost about 25 pounds, and I expect even more positive changes to come....BUT, the one change I thought was completely impossible for me....I have COMPLETELY kicked my soda addiction!! I am no longer a prisoner to sweets and carbs, and I feel amazing!

Research continually shows us that virtually all of our health complaints tie back to four major factors: blood sugar imbalance/insulin resistance, inflammation, gut damage, and system-wide candida (yeast) overgrowth. Plexus products address these four factors to correct our health from the inside. They don't address symptoms; they actually promote real healing. And when you heal your gut, amazing things happen!

80% of our immune system is located in our gut. Medical researchers call the gut "the second brain." We have more non-human DNA in our gut than human DNA in the entire rest of our bodies! This microbiome produces the fundamental building blocks we need in order to function. For instance, 90% of our serotonin is produced in the gut. And our microbiome communicates with our brain via the enteric nervous system and the vagus nerve, sending chemical messages about our stress level and well being. But our gut health faces two very real enemies: gut damage and fungal overgrowth. Gut damage occurs when chemicals (such as Round Up in our food supply) irritate the GI lining, increasing permeability so that wastes and pathogens migrate into the body, causing antibody response and systemic inflammation. Fungal overgrowth is the result of antibiotic use and increased sugar and acidity in today's Western diet. Candida, an agent of decomposition and therefore an especially problematic fungal organism, travels through damaged gut lining and begins to attack cells, hijacking metabolism and immune function and causing widespread inflammation. The body's response to inflammation is to store fat. And remember-- inflammation is one of the root causes of disease, so Candida contributes doubly to the problem. And substantial research shows a link between candida and cancer; there is evidence that cancer may be a final stage in the life-cycle of Candida.


Samples are $11.95 for a 3 day package of Slim & Accelerator (or Boost), or $29.95 for a 7 day sample. FREE shipping on the 3 day sample. Give it a try!!

What is Plexus?


Plexus Slim
Plexus Probio5 and gut health


There are three different ways you can purchase Plexus products.

One is as a retail customer or one time purchase on my website. This is the most expensive method. Most people do not order this way.

Two, by purchasing a preferred customer. You get a discount and the convenience of having the products shipped directly to your doorstep each month. I can cancel this for you at any time. Fast and easy. Plus, on your 4th order you will receive an additional 10% discount on all orders.

The third way is the most economical way to purchase the products.

You can join as an ambassador or distributor and get your products at wholesale. This is a great option if you plan on purchasing at least $100 or more in products a month and know of at least 1-3 friends or family that would like to try the products too.

You can make commission on your own products and there is no monthly quota or products to stock. You simply give your website to family and friends to purchase from you. It's a great way to make a little or a lot of extra money. It's only $34.95 to join plus you buy what we call a welcome pack of products. It's a package of deeply discounted products that is only offered the one time at joining. You can even sell some of your welcome pack products and make all or most of your money back. There are several welcome packs to choose from. All you have to do is go to my site and click "join". Watch my video linked below on how to join as an ambassador for more info.


SO excited for you to join my dream team! Here are the instructions on how to join as an ambassador.

1) Go to http://www.shopmyplexus.com/darcihauser/
2) Click "Join Plexus" in the upper right hand corner.
3) Click "OK" on the Welcome Box (just says you are shipping your product since there aren't any nearby pickup locations and that English is your primary language)
4) Click on the big Box "Enroll as an Ambassador"
5) Click "Add to Order" on (either the Double TRI-Plex Welcome Pack (if you want two combos and more bang for your buck) OR the TRI-Plex Welcome Pack).
6) I also recommend the X Factor Vitamin and the Mega X (it has your Omegas)
7) In the bottom right hand corner, click "Backup Order Selection"
8) Click "Add to Order" on the Backup Order Option 9 which is the Tri-Plex **It might not update the amount in the upper right hand corner right away, but when you complete step 9 it should populate.
9) Click "Personal Information" in the bottom right hand corner
At this point it will look like you have two separate orders, but that backup order is setting up a future order. It will not bill or ship if you happen to have $100 in PV on (Next Month 25th). If you don't have any other orders either your own or from customers then it will process and you will still get your (Next Month) shipment.
10) Make sure that (Ambassador ID #1145142) is in the Sponsor ID Box, then fill out your personal information. The "Evo Basic" is your back office where you will order at wholesale, manage your backup order, track your own order, etc. I can't get beyond this screen, but on the next page it will want your social security number and payment info. They take your social because if you were to make at least $600 in a calendar year they will send you a 1099. The name you input on your personal information page must match the name exactly as it is on your social security card.