Tech Bulletin #14

Monday 1st June 2015

This week...

  • Years 5/6 production rehearsals
  • All other year groups as normal
  • All KS1/KS2 classes have received updated Computing plans for this half term - please note the days I won't be with you
  • F2 new activity starting Tuesday - planning with you by Monday!
  • Wed 3rd June - LTMs at SSV to discuss Y6 to Y7 transition and Computing assessment

Trolley iPads - iPad Booking Document Summer 2

At the end of the term the iPad 2s in the iPad trolley will be replaced with new iPad Airs. You may have noticed that they have started to show their age! The iPad 2s will be recycled through our reseller. There are no plans to re-distribute or sell these older versions to staff.

I'll have a new iPad booking document for Summer 2 on the PDrive shortly. Please go back to using this if you want to book and use the trolley iPads.

App focus - Explain Everything

I just wanted to highlight this app as a fantastic resource for recording pupil understanding. It's great for end of topic, end of year and formative assessment. The app is like a whiteboard that allows users to record a commentary while they write, type, scribble or draw.

The link below is to a blog by Learning Inspired. It offers 13 suggestions for using the app. I've also included some YouTube clips below with examples of how it has been used with children. I also recommend two iBooks for teaching staff on how to get the best out of Explain Everything.

Please let me know how you get on and feel free to share your examples with me!

Explain Everything Lesson Ideas

You can download the free 'Apps in the Classroom - Explain Everything Lesson Ideas' book from the iBook store. Click on the link below on an iPad.

Explain Everything: Formative Assessment and Screencasting

You can also download the free book 'Explain Everything: Formative Assessment and Screencasting' from the iBook store. Click on the link below on an iPad.

Examples of Explain Everything

Formative Assessment with Explain Everything
Explain Everything - Student 2 Pre Assessment
Using Explain Everything as a teaching tool