Lights, Camera, Action! with iMovie

Chris Miller - LoneStar TIA 2014

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Session Description - Let's see if it lives up to the hype!

Learn how to leverage the awesome power of iMovie for iOS to increase learning and student engagement in this fun and exciting hands-on session. In Lights! Camera! Action! we will actively explore the fundamentals of using iMovie in our classroom. Participants need to bring their own iPad with iMovie installed.

iMovie Student/Teacher Work Examples

Here are some examples of student work using iMovie.

Raid on Harper's Ferry - 8th grade students

Parallel Lines - Geometry 9th grade student

Persuasive Writing Exercise: Funny Commercials - 4th grade students

5th & 6th Grade Science Teachers Demo an iMovie Student Project over the Scientific Method

Media Resources for Our iMovie Trailer

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