Connected Educator Month


October is "Connected Educator Month" and this challenge is all about you utilizing various forms of social media that will improve your practice. Eric Sheninger, Senior Fellow and thought leader on Digital Leadership for the International Center for Leadership in Education stated that "we don't have to be connected educators, but why would we close the door on all of the amazing resources and people in social media?" There are a plethora of resources available for you to use an an educator on social media. This challenge involves you finding ideas, sharing resources, even collaborating with some great tools!

The Challenge

Complete ONE of the following tasks to have your name entered into a drawing for one of three iTunes gift cards (one for each building). I would highly encourage you to complete more than one task, better yet, try to complete them all! For each task you complete, your name will be entered into the drawing.

  • Participate in #nebedchat (Wednesdays at 8CST) #1to1ipadchat (Thursdays at 7CST) or #digcit chat on Wednesday, October 22nd at 6CST. Never participated in a Twitter chat? Watch this.
  • Send me a Pin from your Pinterest page that is instructionally relevant.
  • Tweet an image of an activity or event happening in your classroom. Be sure to include the #aurorahuskies hashtag in your Tweet.
  • Subscribe to a blog that you like to read. Once you have subscribed, please share the link to that blog here.
  • Share an Instagram account that motivates, inspires or moves you as an educator Be sure to share that account in this Google Document
  • Compose a blog post about what it means to be a Connected Educator and publish it. Tweet your post (include #aurorahuskies) and email me the link.

Thanks to @8Amber8 for some of the ideas and inspiration for this challenge.

Beginning and Ending

This challenge begins today. Challenge will conclude on October 30th at 9:00 p.m. One winner from each building will be chosen and notified via email on your day off on Friday, October 31st.