December News Letter

Mrs. Mizok's Class

Happy Holidays!!!!!!

The Holiday party is quickly approaching and will include candy sleds, donut snowmen and a prize tree. The party will take place on Friday, December 18th beginning at 2:30. Parents helping coordinate the party are welcome to come at 2:00 to set-up. Mrs. Caviness has been hard at work planning not one, but three classroom parties. If you would like to sign-up to help with the party please click on the SignUpGenius link below. A huge thank you to Mrs. Caviness and all the other parents for making the season bright for our wonderful children!!

What's Happening In Class?

Reading - Students are determining the main idea of a text by asking themselves three questions. Who? What? Where? They deepen their understanding further by providing evidence from the text, supporting details, that prove the main idea. I am currently reading aloud Santa Paws and modeling how to identify main idea and supporting details, then the students practice the skill in their own reading. We've also read several versions of the Gingerbread Man and with guided practice completed a compare and contrast Venn diagram.

Word Study - Students are exploring homophones and homographs with a partner. They show their understanding with a drawing to show the various meanings. Students are also explaining and identifying nouns, pronouns, verbs and adjectives.

Writing - We are wrapping up our narrative writing pieces. The children have been sharing their stories about their favorite meals, holiday, vacation, most memorable school moment and more. They will continue to work on the writing process to produce a polished piece (draft, revise, edit, publish).

Math - The children will continue to work on solving real world and mathematical problems involving perimeter of polygons. They are also learning the difference between tools and units of measurement.

History - We have been wondering and noticing changes over time in our lovely city of Dublin, Ohio. I've listed several websites and videos below that we have been discussing.

"A Stroll Through Dublin's Past"

"Reflections of Dublin"