Solar Nebula Theory

Presented by Shelby Thompson

What is the Solar Nebula Theory

It is the most commonly accepted theory to the evolution, and creation of the Solar System.

What dose the Solar Nebula Theory state?

It states that, stars form in massive dense clouds molecular hydrogen this is refereed to as giant molecular clouds. These clouds a gravitationally unstable. These clouds collapse and form stars. This can give birth to planets under the right circumstances, this process however is not fully understood. Although the process to form a planetary system is thought to take at least 100 million years.

Who Discovered the Solar Nebula Theory, and When?

Evidence shows that parts of the Nebular Hypothesis were first proposed in 1734 by Emanuel Swedenborg. Later in 1755 Immanuel Kant who was familiar with Swedenborg work, made further improvements, and speculations upon the Solar Nebula Theory.