What Happens in an Earthquake?

It is when two blocks of earth slide over each other, the place where that happens is called a fault plane. The underground place where the earthquake starts is called the hypo center. The place directly above that on the surface is called the epicenter.

Why are they detrimental to humans?

Buildings can be damaged by shaking ground, they can also cause Ground Displacement, Flooding, and Fires can be started by gas lines breaking.

What is an earthquake measured in?

An earthquake is measured in the Richter Scale.

Here are two places an earthquake has taken place in:

Here are three ways we can prepare for an earthquake.

1) Learn what to do during an earthquake. Hold periodic family drills to practice what you have learned.

2) In each room of your home, identify the safest places to “drop, cover, and hold on” during an earthquake.

3) List addresses, telephone numbers, and evacuation sites for all places frequented by family members (e.g., home, workplaces, schools). Include the phone number of an out-of-state contact.