Fouth Grade: November PEAK

Please purchase:

Each child will need a tri-fold. Size and color are up to you! Please bring to PEAK by January 9 and 10th.



1. Students completed two Critical Thinking assignments on Edmodo: Common Bonds and Chain Links. These assignments have been collected and are being graded. Students have an additional Edmodo Assgnment due this week: Dinner Party! This is one of my favorite activities. It is due this week on your child's PEAK day! There will be no Edmodo assignment the last week of November due to the Thanksgiving holiday!

2. As of Thursday, November 21 and Friday, November 22 students should be nearing 40 - 50 note cards. Ask your child how many note cards he/she has (or you can email me). If your child is not close to 40, then I encourage he/she to use my morning work sessions to catch up.

3. Power of One Plans are due in class on Thursday November 21 or Friday, November 22 or Wednesday, November 27 via email. See notes on Power of One plans below.

Morning Work Sessions:

You can join me on the following mornings to work on PEAK assignments or get extra help. If it is your PEAK day - please let me know you are coming so I can let your school know that you will not ride the bus to PEAK because you will already be here! I am trying to vary the days so every day will get an opportunity to come in early and work. Shoal Creek students may attend any session.

  • November 20 - 8:00 AM
  • December 9 - 7:45 AM
  • December 10 - 8:00 AM
  • December 11 - 8:00 AM
  • December 12 - 8:00 AM
  • December 13 - 7:45 AM


Critical Thinking: We continue to learn and apply critical thinking words :

›Clarity – easy to understand

›Accuracy – free from error

›Precision - exact

›Relevance – related to subject at hand

›Depth – going beneath the surface

›Significance - Focusing on what is most important. Not everything that is relevant is equally important.

Enrichment Centers:

  • Topic Study: Students have a series of questions to drive their topic study research. All research must be relevant to these questions. Students should be moving into project planning and creating. My focus in topic study this year is to allow the students the opportunity to show their depth of knowledge with very few modifications from me. I will guide ideas and keep pointing students back to their "essential questions" but it is up to the child to make sure that his/her project is answering the questions and showing depth of knowledge.
  • Math - We continue to solve very difficult math problems.
  • Science - Science is rich in content. We have spent a few weeks studying types of switches. Students are in the process of designing their own switch. FUN!

Theme Study:

  • We continue to press forward in note taking. I meet with students each week and also provide written feedback on the note taking process. Students are reminded to refer back to their heading and subheading sheet to guide the note taking process.
  • We have had two very successful trips to the library. The librarian has conducted two excellent lessons on how to access information from mid-continent databases and how to reserve and check out books. Students have had the opportunity to work in the computer lab to take notes.
  • Your child should be nearing 40 - 50 note cards. Our final trip to the library will be Thursday, December 12 and Friday, December 13. We will wrap up note taking and move into the writing process!


Topics we are covering:

  • Learning how to work in groups
  • Learning about myself
  • Speaking in front of a group using eye contact and limited gesture distractions
  • Long term goal setting
  • Responsibility and accountability to ourselves and each other


Remember the 4 P's = Successful Power of One Project:

Passion - What is your passion? You could be passionate about a cause or a hobby that you want to use to help you impact your community.

Purpose - Once you identify your passion, what is your purpose to impact your community?

Planning - Plan the steps you will take to accomplish your purpose. Be sure to have your parents and Mrs. Turner sign it.

Permission - Be sure to talk to Mrs. Turner to get permission to move forward with an idea where you want to involve your school.

New Apps are where it's at ---

We have learned the following new Technology Applications:

  • Symbaloo - "PEAK PAD"
  • S'more poster
  • Padlet
  • Google Docs
  • Create a Graph
  • Live Binders --- for Topic Study
  • Edmodo

Up next ----

  • Drop Box
  • Thinglink
  • Kid's Blog