The Polish Culture

By: Hailey Magnin


Did you ever hear of the polish culture well, you came to the right place, People had to work very hard to grow there crops. They worked long hours and they had to sell what they grew just to pay their rent. They had to build houses,dig wells and even farm land. some families had to have boarders in there house!

There was some pitcures of the polish people

A little bit more about the polish cultre

The reason why they came to the USA is because they want'ed a better job. They also have a tradition and that is a dance witch is called the Mozurka dance and the polonaise dance. Those dances are all poland dances.

Here is how you make polish sausage

1)Place about 2 lbs of freash polish sausage in a pot and add enough boiling water to cover it.

2)add one quartered onion ,several peppercorns,1 teaspoon

3) 1/2 of a bay leaf

4)if you want to add some spices you can to make it extra good