Morello Park Elementary School

October Newsletter

Welcome Fall

Fall is a great time to focus on attendance and making sure your child is at school each and every day. Our teachers have so much to teach your child that cannot be replaced by sending work home. Each lesson builds on the next so each day counts. Good attendance helps children not only do well in school but prepares them for the workplace. Students are at risk academically if they miss 10 percent of the school year. Just one or two days a month can up to to nearly 10 percent in a school year. If your child is sick with a fever of 99 or above, throwing up or has been diagnosed with an illness that the Dr suggests they should stay home, then they should stay home; otherwise, all children should be at school.

Thank you for entrusting us with your children. Our entire staff works diligently each day to make sure Morello is a safe, happy and fun place to learn. We wish you all a Happy Fall and look forward to seeing you at the many events we have planned for families this month.

Character Counts Trait of the Month: Respect

This month, we are focused on what it means to be respectful. Respectfulness includes:

* Treat others with respect

* Use good manners and appropriate language always

* Be tolerant of differences and consider people's feelings

* Deal peacefully with anger and disagreements

* Don't threaten, hit or hurt anyone

* Follow the golden rule always

Harvest Festival

Are you looking to meet new people at Morello in a festive environment focused on fun things for children to do? Well, come to our Harvest Festival on October 20th from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m! There will be lots of games, snacks and new friends to meet. Our PTA is sponsoring this event so watch their website for more information.

Parent Teacher Conferences Are Around The Corner

Conference Week is approaching fast. During conference week, October 29th - November 2nd, we will be on a, "Minimum Day Schedule." Conferences will be scheduled before school and afterschool from approximately 12:40-2:50 pm daily. Please arrange to attend this important time for you to meet your child’s teacher 1:1 and have the opportunity to find out how your child is progressing. Goals will be discussed that are individualized to your child’s learning needs. Morello embraces the whole child so expect the teacher to discuss not only academics but social, emotional and cognitive observations as needed. Information you provide will be valued and important. Research shows that children do better in school when the parents are partners with the classroom teacher. We encourage you to attend, arrive on time and we welcome your feedback so that we can support your child.

Fall Parade Reminders

Our parade will take place on the playground this year at drop off. It will look a little differently than last year. At 8:15 a.m. children in grades 1-5 will line up on the playground with their teacher. Teachers will start walking with them on the track, located on our blacktop. Parents will be invited to stand in the middle of the track (a very large area) and take photos once the music starts. Children will walk just as they did during walk and talk to three songs. We ask that parents stay clear of the track. Children will start walking with their class but do not have to remain with their class. They can walk, mingle and wave. Kindergartners will stay with their class. (Kindergartners will go to their class as usual and will be escorted to the playground by their teacher. In order for our parade to be a pleasant experience for all, we ask that very scary costumes that might scare younger children not be worn. Leave these at home or wear at home parties or for trick-or-treating; choose something else to wear for our school parade. If school personnel feel that a costume may be too frightening, students will be asked to change. There are to be no weapons worn with costumes. This includes swords, knives, guns or science fiction wands but shields are okay. These will be taken from students by the classroom teacher and returned at the end of the day. Additionally, costumes should not be “suggestive” as this is a school environment. All costumes need to be appropriate for school. Thank you for your cooperation in making this a fun and comfortable experience for everyone! Happy Clowns are fine to wear to school. In the past, due to things happening in our world, we banned clown costumes.

No masks allowed by children or adults. No exception. This is for safety. Face painting is okay as long as the child can last the school day with it on. Slightly scary face paints are okay as long as the older children turn their heads when they walk by K and 1st graders. Something covering the eyes is acceptable as long as they can see but students cannot cover their entire face. We must be able to identify every child and adult on campus.

If your child needs a costume, we have some that have been donated. Notify your child’s teacher or the office so we may provide your child with a costume to borrow as soon as possible. You may also email the principal prior and she can discreetly find a costume for your child.

All families are invited to come and watch the parade. We suggest arriving early as we will start promptly at 8:15 a.m. and parking is sometimes a challenge. We encourage families to walk in as the parking lot will be rather full. Please do NOT park in the employee parking spots or the two PTA spots.

Safety Reminders

Please remember to use our crosswalks in our drop off and pick up area. Drop off your children in the drop off lane, pulling as far forward as you can. We have had parents dropping off prior to the supervised area, dropping off in the drive-thru lane and parents crossing their children at the steps that lead up to the neighborhood. This is extremely dangerous. Each and every day our actions are speaking to our children. Someday when they start to get older, you may not be with them and we want them to instinctively know to always use a crosswalk. Thank you for demonstrating to all of our children safe procedures during drop off and pick up.

Homework Support At Home: Successful Tips

Set your children up for success by having a distraction-free space for your child to do homework. Set a routine that works for your particular child. Some children need to start homework right after a healthy, afternoon snack while others need to have some down time first. If homework becomes a challenge, try chunking the homework into segments. For example, "Do you spelling page and then take a fifteen minute break." Setting a timer can be very helpful. If your child struggles to refocus after a break, try giving your child a warning that the break time is almost up. If your child is overwhelmed by an entire page of practice, try covering up part of the page and having your child do one part at a time. Rewards are something that many children like to receive. Some ideas include: break, time doing something special, snacks, time with an adult, time on electronics, time with a pet or any idea that is something they will work for. If your child is taking more than the 30 minutes for primary or the 60 minutes for upper grades, please let your child's teacher know. Homework should be practicing and reinforcing concepts taught in the classroom. Additionally, all students should be reading with an adult and also independently at home. Reading is the key to success and a critical skill to have in life.

Talking With Your Child About His Day

Have you ever asked your child, "How was school?" Have you received a one word response? Here are some ideas for asking open ended questions that might trigger healthy conversations.

* What was your favorite thing that happened today?

* If you were the teacher, how would you describe today?

* What made you smile or laugh today?

* How were you helpful today?

* Tell me two highs and a low today.

* Tell me something super cool that happened today.

October Dates to Remember

Please check our website frequently as there are sometimes changes to our calendar. There are additional dates on our website.

October 2018

4- SSC Meeting 2:45- Library

5- Wear YELLOW for Respectfulness

AHS Homecoming Parade- 3pm Main St./

Jog-a-Thon envelopes due

8-No School - Teacher Work Day

9 - PTA Meeting 7pm- MU

11-Makeup Picture Day

20 - Harvest Festival 1pm-4pm

26 - Coffee w/Principal - 8:30 - MU

29-31 Conference Week-Minimum Days & Book Fair!

29-31 Red Ribbon Week

31-Halloween Parade 8:15 a.m. Blacktop

Counselor Corner- Miss AJ

Empathy - what is it and how why does it matter? This a constant topic for us in working with children and families at our school. Empathy is the cornerstone in building connections with others, allowing us to understand someone's perspective and experience. One way to teach empathy is build emotional vocabulary and connect our feelings to needs. When are needs are not met, difficult feelings like anger, frustration and sadness may begin to emerge.

Starting in October, 3rd and 5th grade students will begin a 6 week, counselor lead program called the Connection Practice. The Connection Practice program is designed specifically for schools to help students learn the language and practice specific techniques when engaging with others to show empathy to self and others. Learning empathy and building connections will build stronger communities, inside and outside of school.