The piano

D.H. Lawrence


"signing love's first surprised gladness, alone in the gloom" (13)

  • This is the first example of symbolism in the poem the Piano because love cant actually sign its first surprised gladness. Therefore it is a symbol of how the sister is signing by herself and it's making her happy.
"A women is signing me a wild Hungarian air" (8)

  • The author is symbolizing how the mother is signing a Hungarian tune/song and how it has a wild flow/rhythm to the song
"And the great black piano is clamoring as m mother's never could clamor" (6)

  • I believe that the author is trying to symbolize that the mother is unable to talk or is a very shy person because she does her talking through the piano


"To the old Sunday evenings, when darkness wandered outside" (5)

  • I believe that the author used personification in this quote because it says that the darkness wandered outside, when in fact the darkness could not actually wander outside. However i think that it means the darkness when from them not having lights on in the house to it actually being dark outside.
"and my mother's tunes are devoured of this music's ravaging glamour" (12)

  • The part where it says that the tunes were devoured would be personification because the tunes cannot actually devoured. This is showing that each individual part of her playing is overcome by the buetifullness of the full playing.
"The full throated woman has chosen a winning, living song" (14)

  • The song cannot being a winning and living song, she sings it really well to make it a winning and living song


" Somewhere beneath that piano's superb sleek black" (5)

  • The author paints a beautiful image of a sleek black piano in which she was sitting underneath
"And the keys with little hollows, that my mother's fingers had worn" (3)

  • This is showing that she plays so much piano that her fingers had worn a spot on the keys
"To cover my mouth's raillery" (8)

  • Shows that she believes that her mouth has committed a problem, she paints a beautiful image