5 Successful 2013 Apps for Ideas

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5 Successful 2013 Apps for Ideas and Inspiration

Apps have become the part and parcel of your life now. People using smartphones are constantly looking for new and useful apps almost every coming day. While the two giants – Apple and Android – have declared a cold war against each other in terms of developing new and maximum number of apps for their stores, the competition has reached a new level. With so many apps in both the markets – App Store and Google Play – it gets very difficult to pin down on the best and most successful apps in their respective category. We bring to you 5 most successful apps for ideas and inspiration from 2012!

The Room

This game was crowned as the ‘Best iPad Game of 2012’. Of course, it had to be there for number of reasons; great music, eye-catching graphics, intriguing levels, and the puzzle itself has made the iPad users to download this paid game. The Room is worth its price. Highly recommended!


This comes in from Google Play! EverNote is an organizing app that has been name as one of the ‘best apps of 2012’. EverNote helps users keep an exact tract of their photos, notes, memos, and many other things. This Android app is available for free!

Goodnight Moon (Apple) & Grimm’s Snow White (Android)

Goodnight Moon for Apple devices and Grimm’s Snow White for Android devices have been downloaded by tech-savvy parents from all around the world to give their children that interactive bedtime experience they always wanted. Apple and Android have been able to capture this segment of the market very rightly – parents and toddlers!


The game can be called as a perfect amalgamation of fun and strategy. It is a word game for iPhone users that has taken inspiration from Boggle and Othello. One can also play against friends through its Game Center. Highly curious game to play! A must-have in your iPhone!

Which app out of the above, you think, catches most of your attention! Go ahead, get them from affordable web development company